Provision of support for gifted and talented students
The Catholic Schools Office supports the achievement of high educational outcomes by all gifted students regardless of their cultural, linguistic or social background, gender, location or socio-economic circumstances.

There are varying forms of support provided in schools for gifted and talented students, these include:
  • school-based
  • CSO
  • and community
School based support
School-based provision aims to equip schools and teachers with tools and skills to provide a challenging and extended curriculum which will enable the gifts and talents of students to emerge, and be recognised and developed. Primary and secondary school-based provision occurs within individual classrooms by teachers on an ongoing basis. Additionally, schools may develop strategies, which allow the most able students to learn together.

CSO support
Supplementary support provided by the CSO in the form of assessment, information and professional development assists teachers and schools to provide appropriate education for students with exceptional abilities to enable them to work towards realising their full potential.
Community involvement

Where possible, the resources of the community and support organisations will be accessed to provide additional enrichment and extension for students.

Acceleration is a placement strategy used by schools that enables a gifted student to work within an older chronological grouping. It is one form of flexible provision. The decision to accelerate any student is made with considerable care by a principal in consultation with the student, parents, teachers, CSO staff and professionals such as psychologists. In certain situations, acceleration may be the best option for a small number of exceptionally gifted students.
Austega's Gifted Resource Library a site for parents and teachers who share the joy and anguish of gifted children
Australian MENSA for gifted students
CHIP programs for children of high intellectual potential
Gifted Education Research Resource and Information Centre offers extensive resources for parents and teachers of gifted students
NASA Kids' Club fun activities and information for space enthusiasts


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