Restorative Practices in Schools

Restorative Practice is a whole school approach to building policies and processes which focus on the three core values of compassion, inclusiveness and forgiveness.

This program, developed by Marist Youth Care, provides schools with a framework of management that moves away from the traditional punitive response. It establishes a philosophy and a set of practices that reflect a commitment to inclusiveness and collaborative problem solving. It is the daily living of these values that is the platform for continually developing restorative relationships in all that we do for the students in our care.

The programs and scaffolds offered by the Marist Youth Care Team are the vehicles for schools to build relationships in effective learning environments.

The principles of Restorative Practices:
1. Foster awareness in the student of how others have been affected.
2. Avoid scolding or lecturing.
3. Involve the student actively.
4. Accept ambiguity.
5. Separate the deed from the doer.
6. See every serious instance of wrongdoing and conflict as an opportunity for learning.
7. Restorative practices must be systemic, not situational.

The Restorative School believes in the "Three R's" - Relationships, Responsibility and Relevance.


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