About the NSW Institute of Teachers

The NSW Institute of Teachers was established by the NSW government to support quality teaching in all NSW schools.

The role of the Institute is to ensure all accredited teachers meet agreed and consistent standards across 7 elements:

  • Element 1: teachers know their subject content and how to teach that content to their students
  • Element 2: teachers know their students and how they learn
  • Element 3: teachers plan, assess and report for effective learning
  • Element 4: teachers communicate effectively with their students
  • Element 5: teachers create and maintain safe and challenging learning environments through the use of classroom management skills
  • Element 6: teachers continually improve their professional knowledge and practice
  • Element 7: teachers are actively engaged members of their profession and the wider community

The Institute works to support the career-long development of teachers and to assure both the profession and the community of the quality of teacher education programs.

All new scheme teachers, which includes those teachers returning to work after a period of absence of 5 years or more, must be accredited with the Institute. It is an offence to work in NSW schools without accreditation.

When new scheme teachers are first employed, the Teacher Accrediting Authority (TAA) will determine their accreditation status (provisional or conditional.) New scheme teachers accredited as provisional have up to 3 years to attain accreditation at professional competence, whilst those accredited conditionally have up to 4 years.

Casual, part-time and temporary teachers will have a longer period of time to attain accreditation at professional competence.


Visit the  NSW Institute of Teachers website for further information.



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