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 Student Learning

Joint Heads of Team: Marg Schirmer & Kerry Mowett



Catholic Schools need to be communities where learning is inspiring, challenging and engaging. The challenge for us is being both ‘Catholic’ and ‘School’ as we are charged with the education of the whole person through the pursuit of transformational and life-giving learning.  Our purpose is to ensure that our intentions enable learners to continuously transform their understandings of themselves, their world and their purpose in life.


Rapidly changing school demographics and increasing demands made by many sources including government, both federal and state, and parents, are creating a demand for new ways of responding, working and teaching. Rising to this challenge,  the CSO Learning and Teaching Team has sought to meet the needs of all teachers in our Diocese through the implementation of the Diocesan Strategic Plan 2012-2016. The team has developed learning focused partnerships with school principals and staff and worked to support continual improvement of work practices and relationships with schools.


The focus has been on supporting all National Partnerships while being responsive to the individual needs of our schools in regards to catering to the diverse wellbeing and learning of all students to ensure that they experience engaging and purposeful learning and teaching.


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Supporting and Promoting Student Wellbeing and Diversity


Alternative Pathways for Secondary Students

Futures R Us

School Based Traineeships and Apprenticeships (SBATS)

Sporting Programs

Aboriginal Education



Supporting and Promoting Student Wellbeing and Diversity |


More Support for Students with Disabilities ( MSSD)/ MORE National Partnership Project was implemented across all schools in the Wagga Diocese with Professional Development and mentoring in Action Research provided by Professor Anthony Shaddock. The focus was on providing professional development for school leadership teams and classroom teachers which strengthened teachers’ ability to teach and manage the increasing diversity of students, including students with a disability. Action research projects have been undertaken in all secondary schools and 12 primary schools across the Diocese.


Another initiative introduced was the Teacher Assessment of Communication. Teachers were provided with information on how to administer the TAC /P to improve their skills in observing how a child in Kindergarten responds to and uses language in a classroom environment. Resources and support were also given to teachers to assist children found to be at risk of underachieving as a result of the assessment. This has been introduced into eight primary schools.

First Steps  continued to be implemented in our schools as a whole school approach to provide teachers with professional development and practical resources to assist teachers to learn how to assess and monitor the literacy and numeracy development of their students and to link this assessment to developmentally appropriate teaching strategies. This program is a Diocesan approach to improve student literacy and has been implemented in the majority of primary schools.

Reading Recovery (RR) is our preferred Literacy intervention for the lowest achieving students in their second year of school. In 2012, 17% of Year 1 students had access to RR.  91% successfully discontinued at an average Year 1 level.  The average entry reading level to RR was 5 and discontinuing level was 18. Students who didn’t achieve this accelerated rate of progress were identified for further support.

Best Start was introduced as a Pilot program to six primary schools across the Diocese. This program is targeted at Kindergarten students.





In conjunction with Quality Catholic Education and Team Leadership for School Improvement, a major focus for 2012 has been data analysis. Each school completed a detailed analysis of their data. It was clear that general literacy and numeracy results are around the state mean. In order to build the capacity of teachers to make appropriate professional  judgements for teaching, learning and assessment, a suite of First Steps programs have been offered to school staff. Quicksmart Maths has been operating in the five secondary schools. Literacy and numeracy networks have been established to provide a contact person in schools for professional learning and leadership within their own schools.


Year 3  NAPLAN Mean Data 2012



Year 5 NAPLAN Mean Data 2012



Year 7 NAPLAN Mean Data 2012



Year 9 NAPLAN Mean Data 2012





Alternative Pathways for Secondary Students |


Vocational Education and Training


Stage 6 students studying VET as part of the HSC continues to increase in most schools with 3 schools having over 46% of students enjoying the benefits of Vocational Education and Training as part of their senior secondary schooling.  Further additions to the suite of subjects offered for 2012 were Entertainment, Industry and Sports Coaching.  Facilities at Kildare and Xavier were enhanced with the construction of trade standard training rooms for Construction and Hospitality.

Benefits include nationally accredited qualifications in a range of industry areas, and 2012 saw many students gaining work related skills and certificates to boost their resumes upon leaving school. These were:


•    24 Certificate II Business

•    59 Certificate II Hospitality

•    12 Certificate II Hospitality (Kitchen Operations)

•    31 Certificate II Construction Pathways

•    24 Certificate II Engineering

•    1 Retail Services

•    15 Certificate II Information Technology

•    2 Certificate III Information Technology


Students further benefit from these courses being of great value in their ATAR contributions when they sit for the optional HSC exam.  38% of students who studied VET used their VET course as the highest contributor for their ATAR and 70% used their VET course in the top three, indicating they performed very well in their VET examinations. Student feedback through surveys indicate a high level of satisfaction and enjoyment from undertaking studies in Vocational Education and Training.


Futures R Us |


The Futures R Us Workskills program was successfully implemented again this year with 51 participants from high schools across the Diocese attending weekly workshops in terms 2 and 3. The students invited to attend were identified by the schools and were acknowledged as being disengaged from school, looking at pursuing a School Based Apprenticeship or Traineeship or considering leaving school at the end of year 10/11.  The students undertook a VET qualification BSBCMM201A Communicate in the Workplace Unit with 42 students completing this unit successfully and receiving Statements of Attainment.


The feedback from students and teachers was generally very positive with many students deciding to continue their schooling to complete their HSC .  Eleven students have also successfully gained traineeships or apprenticeships from their work experience which has been a successful outcome for the program.


School Based Traineeships and Apprenticeships (SBATS) |


We had 17 SBATS (School Based Apprenticeships) commence in 2012 and 12 SBATS complete in 2012 from all schools across the Diocese. School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships are a great option for many students who are looking for an alternate pathway and wish to combine real work with their education.




Sporting Programs |


Representative Primary Sport in the Diocese allows students to develop their skills in sports to the highest available level.


In 2012, 69 students from our Diocese represented Mackillop at the NSWPSSA Carnivals in 16 sports.

Twelve of these students went on to represent NSW at School Sport Australia Carnivals in AFL, Diving, Athletics, Swimming and Girls Football (Soccer). These students included Sam Hopper – St Joseph’s Leeton, Noah Negus –St Patrick’s Griffith, Ben Kelly St Anne’s Nth Albury, Blake Ryan and Riley Corbett – St Brendan’s Ganmain, Olivia Frazier and Brad McMillan – Holy Trinity West Wagga, Corben Rawlings – Holy Spirit Lavington, Edward Perryman – St Joseph’s Lockhart along with Tom O’Brien, Austin Longfield and Chelsea Blissett – St Patrick’s Albury.


Several Teachers including Brett Sanson – Holy Spirit Lavington, Stephen Carroll – Mater Dei, Wagga, Tony Hill and Phil Shahanan – St Patrick’s Albury, Ken Mooney -  Henschke  Wagga, Peter Moraschi and David Curry St Patrick’s Griffith  and  Chris Lewis – St Anne’s  Nth Albury  attended NSWPSSA State Carnivals as MacKillop Region Managers for their respective sports.


The new NSWCPS Website was introduced in 2012 and is developing into a great asset for students, parents and teachers alike. The Website will provide extended information as the years go on.


A key initiative in 2012 for NSW Combined Catholic Colleges (NSWCCC) sport was the introduction of the NSWCCC website: The website aims to provide competitors, parents, conveners and coaches up to date information, as well as an accurate system to progress students from school to Diocese, NSWCCC, NSW All Schools and Australian team levels. During 2012 Wagga Wagga Secondary Catholic Schools had over 400 students represent the Diocese across 23 sports at CCC events with 23 students going on to represent in NSWCCC teams, six gaining All School teams honours and two gaining Australian Secondary Schools honours. We also had Mark Sanson and Travis Doyle, two Secondary staff selected to coach NSWCCC and All Schools teams.


This was an outstanding achievement. All pathway and selection information for all sports can now be found on the CSSS website.


2012 Wagga Wagga Diocesan Secondary Sports Honour Roll |




Jacob Hopper - AFL (NSWCCC, All Schools, Australian)  St Francis De Sales Regional College

Lachie Leeds - AFL (NSWCCC, All Schools)  St Francis De Sales Regional College

Jock Cornell - AFL (NSWCCC, All Schools, Australian)  Mater Dei Catholic College

Harry Tanner - AFL (NSWCCC, All Schools)  Xavier High School

Mitchell Hardie - AFL (NSWCCC, All Schools)  St Francis De Sales Regional College

Tim Coenen - AFL (NSWCCC)  Kildare Catholic College

Joseph Banks - AFL (NSWCCC)  Kildare Catholic College

Lachlan Gaffney - AFL (NSWCCC)  Kildare Catholic College

Harvey Daniher - AFL (NSWCCC)  Mater Dei Catholic College

Jacob Cincurak - Basketball (NSWCCC)  Xavier High School

Rebecca Miller - Cricket (NSWCCC)  Mater Dei Catholic College

Jack Scammell - Cross Country (NSWCCC)  Xavier High School

Sam Mallon - Cross Country (NSWCCC) St Francis De Sales Regional College

Caleb Noble - Cross Country (NSWCCC, All Schools)  Kildare Catholic College

Alexander Holbrook - Cross Country (NSWCCC)  Mater Dei Catholic College

Bree-Arn Lawrence - Diving (NSWCCC)  Mater Dei Catholic College

Ellie Fox - Diving (NSWCCC)  Mater Dei Catholic College

Hannah Hurst - Diving (NSWCCC)  Mater Dei Catholic College

Claire McCaughey - Diving (NSWCCC)  Kildare Catholic College

Adelaide Ashby - Swimming (NSWCCC)  Kildare Catholic College

Kayla Hay - Touch Football (NSWCCC)  Kildare Catholic College

Tarni Price - Touch Football (NSWCCC)  Kildare Catholic College

Sophie Quirk - Touch Football (NSWCCC)  Kildare Catholic College

Mark Sanson - Coach AFL (NSWCCC)  Xavier High School

Travis Doyle - Coach AFL (NSWCCC)  St Francis De Sales Regional College




Aboriginal Education |


In January 2012, the vision of the CSO to employ an Aboriginal person to join the Diocese in the role of Education Officer for Aboriginal Education was achieved.  Kelly Humphrey commenced the role and worked on strengthening  connections with local communities and organisations that support our schools and students. This work enhanced the Xavier High school’s immersion program to Yuendumu, through resourcing and supporting pre immersion support for students and post immersion reflections.


Eight Teachers from across the Diocese participated in an Immersion experience to the Aboriginal Communities of Lombadina/Dudiijin and Beagle Bay in Western Australian during term 3, 2012. The immersion was made possible through a partnership between Catholic Mission and the CSO Wagga Wagga. This experience enabled Teachers to work within a remote schools environment, to reflect on their teaching practice with student’s diverse needs while exploring and deepening  their relationship with God.


Since the commencement of the Education Officer – Aboriginal Education, the profile of Aboriginal Education has been rising in our schools and in the wider community. There has been increased participation by schools in Community based projects and School based NAIDOC celebrations. The CSO has participated actively in many Community based events, promoting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education in Catholic



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