Catholic Schools Office Wagga Wagga - Annual Report 2012

Strategic Leadership & Partnerships

Joint Heads of Team: Michael Hopkinson, Chris Smythe & David Collie



We are called to embrace a leadership that fosters collaborative practices for the mutual benefit of all who are employed in Catholic Schools.


By practicing service to others, we form partnerships that will build the capacity for leadership in our schools, maintain a culture of self- renewal and develop and maintain meaningful relationships with parents and carers. In this way our schools and community are the sign of the Christ who came to serve rather than to be served.




School Leadership Consultant's Report |


In 2012 the principals undertaking Principal Renewal and Development were given access to the ACEL Leadership Capabilities Framework and reflection tool to support the development of their capacity as leaders. This produced improved understandings of their strengths and areas for development that informed the design of their Professional Learning Plans.


The planning and development of a system wide School Review and Improvement model continued in 2012 with professional development provided to school leadership teams around the use of a data informed approach to annual planning. Schools were also encouraged to trial the use of a reflection document (“How Effective is our Catholic School?”) to build understandings of the use of a self rating tool based on the collection of suitable evidence.


Research around system approaches to SRI continued with visits to other Dioceses by the consultants. Registration and Accreditation visits occurred in six schools and the concepts of compliance and quality assurance were further clarified by the process. The Board of Studies again confirmed that these system processes were robust.


In 2012 new school principals were appointed to commence in 2013.  At Xavier High School Albury,

Mr Gavin Dykes, at Kildare Catholic College, Wagga Wagga,Mr Roderick Whelan and at St Patricks Primary School Griffith, Mr David Adam-Jones. Acting principal positions were appointed at Berrigan, Ganmain and Tumbarumba. In addition to this, the Principal Review and Development process which occurs in the fourth year of a principal’s five year contract period, was implemented for six principals.




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