Catholic Schools Office Wagga Wagga - Annual Report 2012



Joint Heads of Team: Marg Schirmer & Kerry Mowett



What we teach, how we teach it and how we live it have to be congruent with the values and beliefs of the Catholic School. In Catholic Schools learning and the emphasis on the whole person is paramount. All teachers use the Framework of Learning to embed a contemporary pedagogical platform to develop their capacity to improve student learning.


During this year professional networks were established and expanded to begin focusing on the developments surrounding the introduction of the Australian Curriculum in NSW.  Our timeline for introduction was established for beginning to teach the new syllabus.


For our primary schools, English will be introduced in 2014, followed by Science and Technology and Mathematics and in 2015 History will be introduced.


The Secondary School timeline will see English, Mathematics, Science and History introduced into Years 7 and 9 in 2014 and then into years 8 and 10 in 2015.


 The Learning and Teaching Team provided teachers with a range of skills and strategies to support improvements in classroom practice, curriculum delivery literacy and numeracy and data analysis.


Digital Learning Project |

Throughout 2012 members of the Learning Technologies Team  worked with IT services to begin the implementation of Google Apps for Education [GAFE]. This platform replaced the previous myIntenet suite of resources. All staff and students now have gmail accounts and can create, store and retrieve documents online.


Other areas for integrating technology to improve student learning were undertaken by teacher professional training in iPad and Interactive Whiteboard implementation.


Some schools also undertook audits which assisted them in identifying their strengths with embedding Learning Technologies across the curriculum.


The Secondary Learning Technologies Coordinators met during the year to discuss implementing their 1-1 programs as well as ways of working with teachers to assist them in embedding technology into their daily practice.


Online learning was also provided for staff in a variety of areas. The online learning was registered with the NSW Institute of Teachers.


Representational work with Catholic Network Australia [CNA] via the Contemporary Learning Working Group and CENet through the e-Learning Working Group was also undertaken.


Reading Recovery |

In the 2011-12 period eleven new Reading Recovery (RR) teachers were trained. This was partly made possible by extra staffing offered to schools by the CSO to support the training.


This funding also enabled the number of students to access RR to increase from 14%-17%, with the goal to reach at least 20% or higher in the next two years.


School Leadership |

School leadership teams participated in targeted, supported and sustained programs aimed at immersing existing and potential leaders in an eclectic mix of research-based and practical components. Under the National Partnership on Improving Teacher Quality, ongoing support was provided for Team Leadership for School Improvement, scholarships for Masters of Educational Leadership and Theology and implementation of Teacher Professional Learning Plans, and Executive Coaching for Sustainable Change Series 1,2,and 3.


National Partnerships |

Funding support from these partnerships provided professional development in the areas of Literacy and Numeracy, Teacher Quality and for Aspiring Principals. The Literacy and Numeracy funding was targeted at specific schools and was used to provide training for teachers and resources for students. Opportunities were provided for all staff in all schools to attend presentations from experts in pedagogy such as John Hattie and Lee Crocket around the ideas that can maintain and improve teacher quality.


National Partnerships also provided funding for programs such as Empowering Local Schools and training in delivering programs such as First Steps.


NSW Institute of Teaching |

Under the NSW Institute of Teachers Act 2004, the Catholic Schools Office, Wagga Wagga is both a Teacher Accreditation Authority [TAA] and an Endorsed Provider of Registered Professional Development.


The focus for 2012 was refining the CSO processes for teachers seeking Accreditation at Professional Competence and in Maintaining their Accreditation at Professional Competence.

Workshops were conducted for those seeking Accreditation and those Maintaining Accreditation at Professional Competence.


In 2012, 31 teachers sought Accreditation at Professional Competence. Annotated Evidence Guides were submitted in September and reviewed by a panel of Education Officers. All 31 applicants were successful in being accredited at Professional Competence.


The Catholic Schools Office provides release to teachers in their first and second year of teaching to support them in the early stages of their career. Release is also provided to their Mentors. The CSO also provides administrative and personal support for those seeking, and maintaining Accreditation at Professional Competence.

Across 2012 four teachers successfully completed the requirements.


CSO personnel and schools have been proactive in applying to have courses registered with the NSW Institute of Teachers. This assists those employees who are required to maintain their accreditation at Professional Competence.



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