Catholic Schools Office Wagga Wagga - Annual Report 2012





Welcome to the Catholic Schools Office, Wagga Wagga Annual Report 2012


Our Catholic school communities encounter and engage with Jesus and His message as communities of faith, learning, care, service and stewardship. We strive to educate tomorrow's adults, developing their God-given individual talents to enable them to fulfil their life’s potential.


Each child is different and each is special, possessing his or her own abilities and skills. Today's students enjoy challenge and embrace the learning technologies and religious and spiritual opportunities available to them as part of their education in a Catholic school.


The staff in our 27 primary and 5 secondary colleges address the expectations of an ever-changing world in their commitment to educating the whole child. They acknowledge the role of parents as the first educators of their children and appreciate the confidence which parents have in them to deliver appropriate, focused and quality Catholic education.


Catholic Schools and Colleges in the Diocese of Wagga Wagga continue to strive for excellence so that the choice of a Catholic education remains affordable and the right choice for your child’s education



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