Catholic Schools Office Wagga Wagga - Annual Report 2012



The Church looks to her young people with confidence as future leaders and disciples.


Six years ago the New South Wales Bishops wrote a Pastoral Letter: “Catholic Schools at a Crossroads.” This statement addressed the issues that mark a critical period in the history of our Catholic Schools system; new challenges and opportunities arise out of significant changes in the educational and cultural context in which we deliver education and in the enrolment patterns that prevail.


The Bishops invite educational leaders, teachers and parents, as well as the broader Catholic community, to work together and recommit to Catholic schooling in our new century.

The final paragraph of the Pastoral Letter bears repeating:


“Evangelising, forming and otherwise educating our next generation is not the task of our schools alone: it requires a common effort from all our families, parishes and agencies. Nevertheless, we look to those involved in our schools to ensure that their very significant resources achieve, as far as possible, what the Catholic community rightly expects: young men and women of character and faith whose individual gifts are nurtured to their highest potential so that they can contribute effectively to Church and society.”


The Catholic Schools Office report will point to the progress being made in achieving the goals centred on the Catholic identity and mission of our schools. Not the least of these is the ongoing effort to connect with Catholic families in particular and to maximise the participation of parents in Catholic schools.


It is true that great things have already been achieved in our Catholic Schools and are being achieved daily but “greater things are still possible, and indeed required, as together we forge the way ahead”.



In Domino



Gerrard Hanna

Bishop - Diocese of Wagga Wagga


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